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What Makes a Smart Home Smart?

The advancement of technology continues to change the ways we live our lives. Gone are the days when we are left in awe by the newest smartphone or a smart watch’s latest feature. Now, technology has found its way into our homes beyond individual devices and appliances through home automation and integrations. While its features vary, it has become more common these days.

At Comfort Electrical, you deserve a home that brings comfort and convenience. Hence, if you want to know more about smart homes, their pros and cons, and what it takes to have one, continue reading this guide!

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home has a home setup where devices and appliances can automatically do specific tasks or can be conveniently controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. With an internet connection, wireless or hardwired, these devices and appliances are interconnected, which enables users to manage them using a smartphone or a networked device. 

Yes, you can access, program, and automate your sprinklers, irrigation, thermostat, lighting, and home security system anytime, anywhere!

Are Smart Homes Worth It?

Convenience is the number one advantage of a smart home. Aside from automating the function of individual home appliances or devices, you may now control almost all of them using one device, even remotely. 

Plus, not only does a smart home make your home more manageable. It also gives peace of mind. With the control device sending notifications and updates on issues at home, you can immediately access your products and rest assured complications won’t turn into something you cannot handle. Smart home automation also counters dangers by securing an unlocked door or turning off an abandoned oven.

A smart home helps save energy and money in the long term, too. Automation does not only give you more control over energy use, it also provides insights on energy consumption, which assists in being more energy efficient and mindful of your carbon footprint. 

What Makes a Smart Home?

Typically, smart homes can accommodate advanced thermostats, lighting, audiovisual, and security devices. Most smart thermostats allow users to have greater control of the temperature at home. Others even have sensors that detect temperature and humidity and automate functions based on those. The same goes for lighting and entertainment as well. You can control the lightbulbs, blinds, televisions, and speakers, and even automate them using a mobile device or through voice or motion. 

Smart homes can also incorporate enhanced security systems. You can now open and lock doors and windows from anywhere using your smartphone. Most security cameras have audio capabilities, which can facilitate video-calling with the person at the door when you’re inside the house or even overseas! Moreover, motion sensor detectors can alert you of suspicious behaviour from a passerby. 

How to Build a Smart Home System?

You can get smart home devices and appliances slowly or set them up at your preference. But first, ensure you have a reliable and trusted network since electronics communicate through the internet. For larger homes, consider an upgrade for a seamless experience. 

The next step is identifying your needs by selecting areas and determining which devices and appliances will meet these. Do you want to feel safer at home? Consider getting advanced locks and an enhanced security system. For saving energy, get some configurable light bulbs. 

From there, do your research on various smart home systems. Narrow your options down to those that meet your requirements and accommodate your preferred smart appliances and devices. Once you have everything, you can finally piece everything together. 

However, integrating your appliances and devices into your smart home system can be tedious, especially if you have a large home or need an extensive system. Hence, consider getting assistance from your local electrician to build your smart home.

In this fast-paced world, a smart home system is a worthy investment. Just make sure to pick the setup and components that suit your needs and preference, and trust in a reliable electrician to put up the system and assist you every step of the way!

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