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Brisbane & Gold Coast electrician with 20 years of experience; specialising in smart home automation.

About Ben Lennie

Owner and Licensed Electrical Contractor

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked in Electrical, Data, CCTV, Audio Visual, Home Theatre, Security and a variety of control systems including C-BUS, RTI and SAVANT to name a few.

I have a large knowledge base with a broad range of industry leading products. This means:

  • You don’t need to search for different people for different tasks
  • More seamless integration between systems

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Why the name "Comfort Electrical"?

You lead a busy life. After a big day, your home should enhance your enjoyment and relaxation.


1. Add a timer function to your ceiling fan

Do you ever wake up at night cold because the ceiling fan is still turned on? With a timer function you can set your fan to turn off after a certain period. Some fans even have the ability to wind down the speeds before turning off.

2. Change your power points to incorporate a USB outlet

Clean up ugly cabling and free up power points with a powerpoint that incorporates a USB charging outlet. At Comfort Electrical, we use fast charging USB outlets that support both USB and USB C.

3. Add voice activation to you house

Would you like to bring your smart home system to the modern age? You can do this by adding a Google or Alexa to your existing smart home system.

4. Upgrade your EV charger to fast charging

Are you sick of how long it takes to charge your Electric Vehicle? At Comfort Electrical, we install fast chargers that cut down your charging time by as much as 50%. This helps our customers make a more seamless transition to electric car technology. For an added bonus, we can connect solar panels to a house storage battery to fuel your car off the grid.

5. Convert your pool lights to LED

You may have an older pool where the lights blow or fill up with water. Comfort Electrical can switch to a fully sealable LED version without draining the pool. This is a simple way to modernize your pool with changeable coloured lights which also have a long life.

6. Add speakers to your outdoor area

If you’re like me and love to listen to music with family and friends, then add outside speakers to your entertaining area. We set these up, so you can control the music from your phone playing music from youtube, spotify, other music channels or from other music players in your house. Sometimes,I even like to share what is being played on the living room TV.

7. Upgrade your house WiFi do fix dead spots

We live in an era where people rely so much on the internet. That’s why many homeowners and business areas need a strong data and WiFi connection. If you have a large house or office the one WiFi access point from your NBN router will not cut it. Adding multiple wired WiFi access points will certainly make your life more comfortable.

8. Convert all of you remote controls into one smart remote

If you have several remote controls and get confused on how to operate your TV then getting a smart remote is the key. It will combine all of your remote controls into one controller. Comfort Electrical will set it up so it remembers the steps to take to operate your Television to the desired task.

9. Add Siri voice commands to your house

You can add Siri Voice control from your phone or apple watch to parts of your house. HomeKit-enabled devices can be controlled using the Apple Home app or Siri. An example of devices you can control - driveway gate, garage door, lights, music, front door lock.

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