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Data and WiFi Brisbane

We live in an era where people rely so much on the internet. That’s why many homeowners and business areas need a strong data and WiFi connection — even students need WiFi for research and communication. To put it simply, people nowadays couldn’t go a day without the internet.

That’s why we at Comfort Electrical Services are here to help people in Brisbane and around the area, have the best data and WiFi connection to help them with their daily activities and to make their lives much easier.

Brisbane’s Best Data Cable Installation

Relying on your wireless connection is not really recommended. At Comfort Electrical Services, we like to remind our clients that a wired connection is a lot better than a wireless one. Why? Because wired networks are a lot faster than wireless networks. Not to mention that data transfer is quicker on a wired connection too.

Most of our Data Cable Installation uses a Cat 5e or Cat 6e cable to power the cable and transmit data around your house or building. For example, most modern-day cameras run on a Cat 5e or Cat 6e cable. So, if you want to install cameras around your house for security, it’s best to use a wired connection.

We also suggest homeowners install some data outlets from the NBN box going to several key rooms around the house like the Cinema room, TV positions, offices, etc. where a WiFi extender can be installed. We have home ethernet cable installers and data cable installers to help you have the best connection in your house or your building.

Get The Best Phone Line Installation Services

Our Phone Line Installation services at Comfort Electrical Services are unmatched. Unlike other companies, when you decide to work with us, we will make sure to have everything you need at once. For one, we allow telephone cabling and telephone wiring — whether you want a wired connection or a wireless one. Comfort Electrical Services always make sure to keep our options open for all our clients.

WiFi Installation Unlike No Other

As we have mentioned earlier, most people rely on the internet in this age of technology. That’s why homeowners, students, and workers need to have a good WiFi setup in their homes, schools, and workplaces. With so many streaming devices today, having a good internet connection is always a must.

However, there are times that the one WiFi access point connected to your NBN box is just not enough to supply the internet to everyone — especially if there are a lot of people using the WiFi all at once. This situation often makes people buy a bigger NBN WiFi router. Some even buy off-the-shelf WiFi to WiFi extenders just to keep the internet going around the house. However, none of those is the correct solution to address this kind of issue.

The best way to solve this issue is to have a WiFi roaming installation. This also helps ensure a strong and seamless WiFi experience for everyone. And by WiFi roaming, we mean, having 2 or more WiFi hotspots in your installation — which we can offer at Comfort Electrical Services. Larger installations can even have 50 or more. That’s why it’s important to choose the correct product to sustain your needs and for a seamless WiFi experience.

We also would like to remind you that a poor wireless connection can cause dropout and speed limitations. That’s why wired is always better than wireless. So, if you want to experience the best wireless connection, get in touch with us at Comfort Electrical Services.

Why Choose Comfort Electrical Services?

Comfort Electrical Services has over 20 years of experience in helping individuals, companies, and households around Brisbane to have the best electrical, data, CCTV, Audio Visual, Home Theatre, Security, and many more control systems around their houses or buildings. But aside from those, many clients choose to work with us because:

  • We do not just work with you but we also make sure to gain your trust and build a strong relationship with you.
  • We have access to the latest products and technologies so you can choose from a wide variety of products that work best for you.
  • We keep our knowledge up to date so we can deliver the best and most comfortable services for you.
  • We are professionals so we make sure that all our work is clean and tidy.
  • We only use top-quality products.

Get In Touch With Us

If you want to have the best connection around your house or building, whether wired or wireless, we at Comfort Electrical Services got you covered. We also offer other electrical services like Electrical Testing, Security  and  CCTV, Ceiling Fans, Outdoor Power Points. So if you also need help with that area, contact us today.

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What is General Electrical Services?

General electrical services are the kinds of electrical work that are typically performed in homes and businesses. This includes things like wiring, installing outlets and switches, and repairing or replacing electrical equipment. General electrical services are important in keeping homes and businesses safe. Electrical work can be dangerous if it is not done correctly, so it is important to make sure that any work that is done by a professional is up to code and safe. General electrical services can help to prevent fires and other accidents in the home or business.


Comfort Electrical Services working on a switch board with fuses

General Electrical

General & feature lighting
Switchboard upgrades
Smoke alarms
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Hot water repairs
Power points
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Comfort Electrical Services building a C-Bus control panel


Central control display units
Voice control
iPad control
Lighting Systems
Home theatre control
Integrate with air conditioning

Data board


Data cabling and connections
Small to Large Wi-Fi roaming installation and commissioning

Audio visual demonstration with smart home automation on a TV, C-Bus


Home theatre
TV installation
TV antenna installation & repairs
In-house music systems
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Integrate with lights and blinds

C-Bus / Clipsal Connection Board


C BUS repairs
Advanced programming
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Security and lighting


Security installations
CCTV installation and repairs
Remote monitoring via your phone

Ben Lennie, Owner and Certified Electrician on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Coomera

Ben Lennie

Owner and Licensed Electrical

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked in Electrical, Data, CCTV, Audio Visual, Home Theatre, Security and a variety of control systems including C-BUS, RTI CONTROLSAVANT to name a few.

Why the name "Comfort Electrical"?

You lead a busy life. After a big day, your home should enhance your enjoyment and relaxation.

"At Comfort Electrical, we strive to make your electrical project an easy and seemless event."



 Generally your breakers will trip because of an item you have plugged in the wall outlet. The most common items that will give you troubles are any devices that are outside or pumps of sorts.  

This could be a number of things, even getting a slight tingle off a tap can be a sign of something major that has gone wrong. Best idea at this point is to not touch anything, especially metallic. Call an electrician or your energy distributor straight away. 

Do you have experience in the works required. Electrical work is a very broad field. Did you know for example some apprentices become fully qualified and have only installed solar systems for 4 years. 

This can happen when too much draw is on the one circuit. You can try plug some items into another part of the premises. This is common for people who run large home offices, or people with crypto mining computers. If you keep tripping than get your electrician to run some more circuits back to the main switchboard.  

First check is a visual check. Walk around inside and out and check on everything that is electrical. Don’t forget your appliances and extension cords.

Secondly you can have a look at the switch board. How old is it. Does it have Fuses, circuit breakers or a mixture of switches. Look for and switches that have a button. This is the safety switch test button

As a home owner a couple of things. Press the test button on the detector for 10 seconds. Ensure you replace the battery every 12 months. Replace detectors every 10 years. plus below is copied from Click on the link. Different rules for rentals, home owner, renovations etc. smoke legislation. From 1 January 2022, landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties

When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape.

All other dwellings must transition to full compliance by 2027.

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