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Signs That Your Home Needs Electrical Maintenance

Electricity has become one of the most significant parts of our daily lives. We need electricity to do almost everything — from connecting with friends, doing work, transportation, cooking, etc. We rely so much on electricity, but sometimes we oversee the problems that happen to our electrical wiring in our homes.

But don’t fret, as we at Comfort Electrical Services are here to help you know the tell-tale signs that your home needs rewiring or electrical maintenance.

How To Tell Your Home Needs Electrical Maintenance

Many factors affect the wiring of your house, and if these warnings are not taken care of, they can cause significant problems to your whole household. Today, we will show you some of the most important signs you need to look out for that will tell you your house needs electrical rewiring or other electrical maintenance.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If you notice that the power goes on and off in some parts of your house, it may signify a tripped circuit breaker. You can address this issue by turning off all your appliances, then resetting your circuit breaker. Turn one appliance back on at a time, if it trips when turning one on, generally that appliance is faulty.  But if the problem continues, you must call a professional for help. While waiting for your electricians, unplug all your appliances to keep them from being damaged by a power surge.

Sparks When Plugging Appliances

When you notice a spark while plugging your appliances, immediately call a professional electrician. Sparks are the most common reason for fire outbreaks. The causes for these sparks can vary, such as short circuits, worn-out wiring, overloaded outlets, etc., which results in the need to check the wiring and maintain where necessary.

Faulty Switches

Switches can wear out as time passes. If your switch is faulty, have it replaced immediately. A defective switch can lead to severe problems — like fire, especially when you hear a hiss or a snap when switching it on.

Warm Outlets

When you notice that your outlet is a bit too warm than usual, this means that there is a problem with the wiring connection. Call a professional electrician like us at Comfort Electrical Services right away.

Unusual Smells And Sounds

An overheated system or faulty wiring can cause unusual burning and melting smells. If you also hear a weird sound when turning your switch or plugging in an appliance, this can mean a problem with your wiring.  Make sure you turn this device or appliance off and seek professional help.

Hot Fixtures

At Comfort Electrical Services, we recommend our clients occasionally check their ceiling fixtures for unusual warmth. This can indicate a lack of sufficient insulation in the area or an overheated wire in the ceiling.

Rodent Droppings

Rodents like mice and rats love to chew on electrical wiring, which damages the wires. These damages can lead to fire hazards and other electrical problems. Call an electrician immediately if you see rodent droppings in your house or rodent activities in your attic.  A sign that your wiring may have been chewed could be a light not turning on, even though the bulb has been replaced.


If you touch a metal object while plugging in an appliance or when you’re near an outlet and receive a shock, it’s a sign that your electrical system is ungrounded. Immediately call a professional and avoid using the switch until the problem has been resolved.

Loose Outlets

If you try to plug a cord and notice that the outlet is moving or starting to pop out from the wall or floor, it’s time to change it. A loose outlet will eventually move and shake the wires free, which causes sparks and fire. Ask the help of a professional when changing your outlets.
Sometimes, electrical maintenance can be done for aesthetics or prevention, but it’s still best to regularly give them a check-up. Is your switchboard not up to the latest safety measure? Or do you want to change your old fittings and replace them with LEDs? If you need help with wiring a house or a room, call us right away at Comfort Electrical Services.

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