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C-Bus Brisbane

Are you experiencing trouble with your C Bus system? Or perhaps you’re starting with your new home project and need help with your design? Don’t worry, we at Comfort Electrical Services have got you covered.

From giving you secured wiring to helping you with electrical emergencies — Comfort Electrical Services is here to help you. Our Clipsal Cbus system is definitely what you need. It’s a microprocessor-based wiring system used to control lighting and other electrical services.

With the help of C-Bus, you can have full control over your lighting and other electrical devices with a simple touch. So, do you want to be one of our satisfied customers? Read more to learn about the services we offer.

Why Consider A C bus Installation?

C bus installation is important — especially to individuals and families who want to ensure the safety and control of their whole household. That’s why we at Comfort Electrical Services do not just bring you one-of-a-kind electrical and wiring services. But we also make sure to make it the safest and most comfortable experience for you and your whole family.

Home automation is probably one of the most sought and popular types of home systems that many homeowners want — most likely those who love to upgrade their home to a smart home. That is one of the reasons why we at Comfort Electrical Services want homeowners in Brisbane to experience our C Bus Programming and Installation services.

To put it simply, Clipsal C Bus can give homeowners a lot of benefits.

Benefits of C Bus 

Here are some examples of the benefits C Bus can give to your household:

  • Managing all of your home devices from one place.
  • Flexibility for old and new devices.
  • Maximize home security.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Improves appliance functionality.

But aside from those, there are also other wonderful features our Clipsal C Bus system at Comfort Electrical Services can give like:

  • Offer different styles and colours.
  • Variety of switches to choose from (plus a touchscreen range).
  • Can be controlled using a smart device and voice control with Alexa and Google Home.
  • Set up scenes and schedules for your lights and other devices (like lights on and off, dimming, etc.)

Unlike normal house wiring, C Bus wiring is totally different. All of the wires and loads are connected and wired to the central (main) switchboard locations. In short, a communication bus network is linked to all C Bus products. That’s why C Bus is not just efficient but it also helps maximize your appliances, wiring, and your energy.

Why Choose Us?

Aside from its importance and many benefits, there is more to our C Bus system than meets the eye. Here, you will learn a lot about why many Brisbane homeowners love to try our C Bus system.

C Bus Commissioning

For over 20 years, we at C Bus have worked in electrical, data, CCTV, Audio Visual, Home Theatre, and other variety of control systems so we know a lot about building and solving electrical and wiring systems. We also commission seamless and safe services to all our clients.

C Bus Integration

Another wonderful thing about C Bus is that you can integrate it with other products. And by integrating we meant:

  • Alexa or Google Home can use your voice to operate the lights on the C Bus network.
  • C Bus can operate your Air Conditioning and Television systems.
  • C Bus can control your Dali Dimming Loads and even open your garage door or gate.
  • Can renovate and turn your home into a smart home.

C Bus Fault Finding

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ device. And like many products, some items will fail. Once these failures go unnoticed, they will cause a disruption to your whole system. But don’t worry because we at Comfort Electrical Services have lots of experience in finding different issues that can go wrong in your C Bus system.

Experience Clipsal C Bus Services Brisbane

Is your C Bus faulty? Perhaps you’re experiencing C Bus Switch non responsive?Or maybe your C Bus Touchscreen not working?Or are you experiencing trouble with your C Bus wiring? Or do you simply want to know our C Bus cost? Whatever it is, make sure to contact us today at Comfort Electrical Services so we can schedule an appointment with you and find you the best C Bus installer.

Improve your home’s safety and efficiency with our Clipsal C Bus System at Comfort Electrical Services! We also offer other electrical services like Electrical Testing, Security  and  CCTV, Ceiling Fans, Outdoor Power Points. So if you also need help with that area, contact us today.

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What is C-Bus?

C-Bus is a home-automation product range from the Clipsal brand owned by Schneider Electric. Since 1994 it has grown to include approximately 400 products. It is primarily used as a Lighting control system but also supports other automation functions such as irrigation and security.

The wiring of C-Bus is not like normal house wiring. A communication bus network links between all of the c bus products. All of the loads (lights) are wired back to the central switchboard location.


Comfort Electrical Services working on a switch board with fuses

General Electrical

General & feature lighting
Switchboard upgrades
Smoke alarms
Ceiling fans
Hot water repairs
Power points
USB Outlets

Comfort Electrical Services building a C-Bus control panel


Central control display units
Voice control
iPad control
Lighting Systems
Home theatre control
Integrate with air conditioning

Data board


Data cabling and connections
Small to Large Wi-Fi roaming installation and commissioning

Audio visual demonstration with smart home automation on a TV, C-Bus


Home theatre
TV installation
TV antenna installation & repairs
In-house music systems
iPad control
Integrate with lights and blinds

C-Bus / Clipsal Connection Board


C BUS repairs
Advanced programming
Fault finding
Voice control
House rewiring

Security and lighting


Security installations
CCTV installation and repairs
Remote monitoring via your phone

Ben Lennie, Owner and Certified Electrician on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Coomera

Ben Lennie

Owner and Licensed Electrical

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked in Electrical, Data, CCTV, Audio Visual, Home Theatre, Security and a variety of control systems including C-BUS, RTI CONTROLSAVANT to name a few.

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 Generally your breakers will trip because of an item you have plugged in the wall outlet. The most common items that will give you troubles are any devices that are outside or pumps of sorts.  

This could be a number of things, even getting a slight tingle off a tap can be a sign of something major that has gone wrong. Best idea at this point is to not touch anything, especially metallic. Call an electrician or your energy distributor straight away. 

Do you have experience in the works required. Electrical work is a very broad field. Did you know for example some apprentices become fully qualified and have only installed solar systems for 4 years. 

This can happen when too much draw is on the one circuit. You can try plug some items into another part of the premises. This is common for people who run large home offices, or people with crypto mining computers. If you keep tripping than get your electrician to run some more circuits back to the main switchboard.  

First check is a visual check. Walk around inside and out and check on everything that is electrical. Don’t forget your appliances and extension cords.

Secondly you can have a look at the switch board. How old is it. Does it have Fuses, circuit breakers or a mixture of switches. Look for and switches that have a button. This is the safety switch test button

As a home owner a couple of things. Press the test button on the detector for 10 seconds. Ensure you replace the battery every 12 months. Replace detectors every 10 years. plus below is copied from Click on the link. Different rules for rentals, home owner, renovations etc. smoke legislation. From 1 January 2022, landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties

When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape.

All other dwellings must transition to full compliance by 2027.

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