Comfort Electrical Services

Making Life Easier

Full service electrician

Brisbane & Gold Coast electrician with 20 years of experience; specialising in smart home automation.


Why the name "Comfort Electrical"?

You lead a busy life. After a big day, your home should enhance your enjoyment and relaxation. 

Movie Night

Sound and lighting to help you escape into other worlds

Water Wise Irrigation

Programmed watering for early morning or late afternoon

WiFi Roaming

Wifi from anywhere in your house

Gentle Good Night

Shut the blinds and dim the lights gently over 10 minutes

Car Charging

Charge when the rates are cheaper

Light Saver

Automatically turn off lights when not in use

Work from home

Professional lighting to enhance webcam experiences

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your house for peace of mind while you're away

At Comfort Electrical, we strive to make your electrical project an easy and seemless event.
Comfort Electrical Services working on a switch board with fuses
Ben Lennie
Owner & Licenced Electrican