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Benefits of Upgrading Your Switchboard

All homes have their electrical switchboard. It is the central point or core of your building’s electrical systems. Compared to the brain, this fuse box is the control centre of all electrical activity. Composed of numerous switches, circuit breakers, and fuses, it allows a stable and direct distribution of electricity from your main supply to every electric unit at home, including your microwave oven, air conditioning, computer, and the like. Your home switchboard keeps your place running and your loved ones and properties away from electrical hazards. Hence, it is crucial to check it from time to time.

If you haven’t done a check in years or your house is relatively old, your switchboard is likely in a faulty state. If this is true, it is best to consider an upgrade. At Comfort Electrical, your safety is non-negotiable. Hence, allow us to walk you through why opting for a reliable modern home switchboard will save your home and loved ones in more ways than one!

Lower the risk of electrocution

Electricity is dangerous, and only adults who know how electronic devices and power outlets work should handle them. On the other hand, extra caution must be taken when it comes to obsolete switchboards.

Old switchboards may have abnormalities, such as loose wiring. Such an issue may trigger switches, which may present the risk of electrocution. Fortunately, updated switchboards have Residual Current Devices or RCDs. RCDs are sensitive safety tools that protect against electrical shocks. They monitor the flow of live and neutral wires in an electrical system by automatically disconnecting circuits immediately when they sense a fault in electrical wiring and appliances. Compared to degrading switchboards, updated ones lower shock risks and prevent the threat of fatalities.

Prevent the risk of fires

Did you know that most house fires are created by electrical causes? Old switchboards have out-of-date insulation. These may facilitate overcrowding of fuses, which, along with wear and tear, cause loose connections. Loose connections, in turn, may result in an electric circuit called an arc. If a fuse holder arcs, heat may spread in other circuits. As more heat is generated and more arcs form, a fire may start. 

Keep up with current power demands

Today, homes need more power supply than they did two decades ago. Continuous technological advancement results in the production of more and better appliances and devices. These developments call for increased power needs that older-style switchboards cannot sustain. The best electric switchboard for your home can cope without overloading or the circuit breaker constantly tripping.

Comply with current electrical requirements

The government sets minimum standards for home and building owners to follow, and this is always per the changing power demands a typical home requires. These guarantee the safety of homes and fair use of electricity in Australia. Updating your switchboard, or your electrical system entirely, will free you from legal problems!

Reduce your electronic maintenance costs

Outdated switchboards are prone to problems and are less efficient. They tend to malfunction and cause regular fuse trips. Such an issue may provoke damage not only to the switchboard itself but to other electrical pieces of equipment as well. Frequent repairs can be more costly compared to simply getting a brand-new switchboard. Hence, extend the life of your electrical equipment by swapping a malfunctioning switchboard with a new one. 

An upgraded, modern switchboard not only adapts to modern equipment but also comes with circuit breakers and RCDs. It saves you from calling your electrician due to regular power outages. Plus, it is energy-efficient. Investing in a new switchboard does not only save you from call-out fees but from high monthly electricity bills as well! 

Eliminate asbestos

Asbestos was commonly used in Australia as a building material during the previous century. Breathing fibres of this mineral increase the risk of respiratory problems and some forms of cancer. 

Obsolete switchboards usually have backing panels made of asbestos. When electricians drill holes into the panels for fitting, repairs, and adding cables, asbestos particles get released into the air and pose health risks to those present.

If your switchboard has such panels, we recommend having them removed by a certified electrician to ensure all safety measures are in place.

Save time

When the power goes down unexpectedly, or you have to wait for an electrician to come and help, it can get very frustrating. Avoid these annoyances by using a well-functioning switchboard. This way, you won’t have to wait for an expert to have your power back on. You will be able to reset your circuit breaker on your own within minutes!

Get organised

Older switchboards are visually overwhelming as they appear overcrowded and organised because of what seems to be countless entangled wires, which also present a safety risk. Modern switchboards, on the other hand, have a minimal design and are easier to work on!

Upgrading your switchboard is not a do-it-yourself task. Hence, if you decide on a change, call a qualified electrician to do the work for you. 

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