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Security and CCTV Gold Coast

Why Get The Best Security and CCTV Gold Coast?

Whether you live alone or with your family, safety and security are always your top-most priority. The same goes for businesses and office areas. That’s why we at Comfort Electrical Services recommend residents of gold coast and surrounding areas ensure their safety with the help of our Security and CCTV services.

We have been serving individuals, companies, and families all around Gold Coast for over 20 years now. So, if you are looking for the best security and camera install services in Gold Coast, we are here to help.

Top-Quality Security Alarms From Comfort Electrical Services

There are thousands of products today that you can use to ensure the safety of your homes or buildings. That’s why we at Comfort Electrical Services live up to our name to provide the most comfortable and safe household for all our clients in Gold Coast.

We know how important it is to choose the right products for your safety and security. So, we have made sure to provide only the best and most high-quality products for all our customers. No matter what kind of security alarm you want, our security installer can have them installed in your house without any problems.

Here are some scenarios of the security services we offer at Comfort Electrical Services:

  • During installation, we will give you the chance to decide how many motion PIR detectors you need. We like to remind homeowners that a door to the outside door is likely the most recommended option. The more zones, the better.
  • You can also choose to have a keypad installed inside your bedroom to arm the rest of your house at night. A keypad at the front door and the garage is also recommended. Whether you want keypads with buttons or LCDs, we have them all for you.
  • You can also link up your security to your smartphone for live monitoring in case you are away from home.
  • Push notifications can also be set up on your smartphone.
  • You can choose between a wide variety of motion detectors or PIRs, depending on your style and taste. We have basic motion detectors to pet-friendly detectors for those who leave their pets alone in the house.
  • If you don’t know how to select the right brand and product there’s no need to worry because we will help you every step of the way. So, whether you just need basic arming and disarming, or if you need access from your phone, or if you want access control for all of your doors, or if you want automatic arming and disarming, etc. — we at Comfort Electrical Services are here to guide you and give you as many options as you can.
  • For commercial applications, outside beams and break glass detectors can also be used. The alarm should trigger before the intruder enters the building.

High-Quality CCTV Cameras Only For You

Cameras can give you many benefits — especially in keeping your house or building safe from intruders or just by providing evidence for accidents and incidents. That’s why Comfort Electrical Services work hard in giving residents and office workers around Gold Coast the best CCTV cameras to help provide a safe and secure environment for all of them.

Just like our security products, we also provide only the best and top-quality cameras for our clients. Whether you want a basic camera or a camera PTZ — we got your back. Here’s what our camera installation services at Comfort Electrical Services look like:

  • We make sure to get rid of common misconceptions like when a salesman sold you out for a “high-definition camera” thinking that 720 x 480 pixels or 1 MP are enough to have a clear image. At Comfort Electrical Services we like to recommend a minimum of 2688 x 1520 pixels or 4 MP for the best definition.
  • All the cameras we offer have high-quality definitions. Cheaper cameras will have poor night time visions that will soon deteriorate over time.
  • When choosing NVR (Network Video Recorder) cameras, you will have to consider a few things: the size of the hard drive, how you want the images to be processed, how easy it is to search and backup footage, if you can view your camera using your smartphone, what resolution is playback, etc. Remember that choosing your NVR is just as important as picking a good quality camera.
  • We also have cameras that have zoom lenses that you can adjust, set, and forget.
  • We also have cameras that can be set to patrol or follow a person/vehicle. They can also be zoomed in and out automatically if needed.
  • We recommend face recognition cameras for better safety and security.
  • With the correct NVR and in line with the COVID-19 pandemic, facial recognition cameras with body temperature measurements are highly recommended.
  • We can install one to a hundred cameras in your property.

Experience A Safe and Secure Environment With Us

If you want a safe and secure house/building, we at Comfort Electrical Services are here to help you. We also offer other electrical services like General Electrical, Smart Home Automation, Network Connectivity, Audio Visual and C-Bus. Contact us today for more information.

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What is General Electrical Services?

General electrical services are the kinds of electrical work that are typically performed in homes and businesses. This includes things like wiring, installing outlets and switches, and repairing or replacing electrical equipment. General electrical services are important in keeping homes and businesses safe. Electrical work can be dangerous if it is not done correctly, so it is important to make sure that any work that is done by a professional is up to code and safe. General electrical services can help to prevent fires and other accidents in the home or business.


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Ben Lennie, Owner and Certified Electrician on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Coomera

Ben Lennie

Owner and Licensed Electrical

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked in Electrical, Data, CCTV, Audio Visual, Home Theatre, Security and a variety of control systems including C-BUS, RTI CONTROLSAVANT to name a few.

Why the name "Comfort Electrical"?

You lead a busy life. After a big day, your home should enhance your enjoyment and relaxation.

"At Comfort Electrical, we strive to make your electrical project an easy and seemless event."



 Generally your breakers will trip because of an item you have plugged in the wall outlet. The most common items that will give you troubles are any devices that are outside or pumps of sorts.  

This could be a number of things, even getting a slight tingle off a tap can be a sign of something major that has gone wrong. Best idea at this point is to not touch anything, especially metallic. Call an electrician or your energy distributor straight away. 

Do you have experience in the works required. Electrical work is a very broad field. Did you know for example some apprentices become fully qualified and have only installed solar systems for 4 years. 

This can happen when too much draw is on the one circuit. You can try plug some items into another part of the premises. This is common for people who run large home offices, or people with crypto mining computers. If you keep tripping than get your electrician to run some more circuits back to the main switchboard.  

First check is a visual check. Walk around inside and out and check on everything that is electrical. Don’t forget your appliances and extension cords.

Secondly you can have a look at the switch board. How old is it. Does it have Fuses, circuit breakers or a mixture of switches. Look for and switches that have a button. This is the safety switch test button

As a home owner a couple of things. Press the test button on the detector for 10 seconds. Ensure you replace the battery every 12 months. Replace detectors every 10 years. plus below is copied from Click on the link. Different rules for rentals, home owner, renovations etc. smoke legislation. From 1 January 2022, landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties

When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape.

All other dwellings must transition to full compliance by 2027.

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